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About Devariya Guest House

Devariya Guest House is situated right into the lap of this pristine wonderland of ragged beauty. The “Wild Calls” of the mountains surrounding the Guest House never cease to stimulate, rejuvenate and refresh the visitors and trekkers and the allure the nature tourists from all over the world. Even in chilly winters, when velvety snow covers the mountains ranges, this region remains as mysterious and magnificent as during the wondrous spring, when wild flowers embellish the undulating slopes. The natural splendor and celestial flavor of the breathtaking panorama of snow-bound mountains and alpine meadows follow you anywhere you may walk in the surrounding areas of this Guest House.

For daring souls, this region offers hosts of adventure sports skiing, trekking and mountain climbing. Nowhere else in India would you find as perfect an adventure holiday as here.

Even the gods were tantalized by the mystic charm of this region. The numerous sacred shrines, that hill stand here, denote their divine footprints, where you may offer your prayers, which might get answered.
This part of Himalayas is also abundantly rich in religious culture and traditions, legends and mythological landmarks. The valleys around echo with holy chants, creating and atmosphere of spirituality and transcendental bliss. It, thus, offers an ideal gateway for nature lovers and spiritual believers.